January 31, 2011

How to Find the Right Photographer

I am by no means an expert in photography.  But coming from someone who works very closely with a Photographer on your most important day, there are a few things I’ve learned and recommend you look out for when selecting someone:

– their portfolio reflects what you like and are looking for (ie: portraits or photo journalism)

– the time coverage is at least 6-7 hours.  I usually recommend 8 to make sure you have from “Getting Ready” until right after Cake cutting.

– Make sure you know what their over time rate is.  Some photographers don’t tell you until you realize you need it and it’s really expensive

– You get digital proofs of all the images included in the package

– They have an assistant included (unless the wedding is really really small, like under 50, then they may not need one) but it’s always recommended since 1 photographer can’t capture everything that’s going on

– They offer albums, but don’t require you to buy.  You can always decide to purchase an album later.  A lot of times, that will raise the prices

– Most importantly that their personality is to your liking.  Your photographer is the one person on the wedding day that will be in your face (literally), and directing and capturing the pictures as the moments happen.  There are no “re-do’s” once it’s passed, so if he/she doesn’t seem like their on top of their game, I would be concerned.

Here’s a document you can download to take with you when interviewing prospective photographers: Questions to ask photographers

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